Estimated Timeline

The following timetable is intended to give you an idea of the timing of the Buyer’s Responsibilities between Contract Acceptance and Closing. This timetable is only a rough guide. If you have any questions, please ask me!

Immediately after Contract Executed

  • Make full Loan Application (if not pre-approved)
  • Pay for Appraisal and Lock-in the interest rate
  • Arrange for Inspection(s): property, termite, septic, mold, environmental, etc.

First & Second Week

  • Attend Property Inspection(s)
  • Request repairs from Seller by Amending the Contract (if needed, after inspection)
  • Have all Requested Paperwork to the Lender
  • Set-up Homeowner’s Insurance & Inform Lender
  • Arrange for Movers

Third & Fourth Weeks

  • Notify Post Office of Address Change
  • Arrange for Transfer of Utilities
  • Check with Lender on extra Paperwork or Final Conditions
  • Arrange Closing/Settlement Time & Location
  • Walk-through to Verify Repairs Completed
  • Arrange for Cashier’s Check for Closing (secured funds)
  • Closing – Review Closing Disclosure, Sign Closing Documents
  • Shop for Appliances, Purchase Boxes & Tape